BVN: Scammers Go On Rampage With Fake Text Messages

As Deposit Money Banks in the country continue to lobby the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation to prevail on the Federal Government to back down on the plan to seize monies in the bank accounts of customers without the Bank Verification Number, scammers have capitalised on the situation to fleece unsuspecting bank customers. Continue reading “BVN: Scammers Go On Rampage With Fake Text Messages”

5 Most Sensitive Parts Of A Girls Body

Every man hopes to understand the mysteries of his partner’s body, but it is important to understand that there can be no end for this quest as well. Developing a routine to pleasure a woman will amount to digging a grave for your s*x life.

On the contrary, it is not very hard to be creative in the bed, especially when you know which parts of the body to explore. Given below are 5 parts of the female body that are most likely to react to sexual advances.
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Photo Of World’s First 5G Smartphone

Now that technology is advancing we tend to hear things we never believed could happen, one of those is the new 5G NETWORK and top smartphone manufacturing companies are buying into this idea. Many top smartphone analysts have predicted that this 5th generation network (5G) will only be available by 2020 and Qualcomm a top smartphone company is working hard to see that it’s a success.

What Is 5G
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